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About Us

World Class Training Facility

Over the past two decades EFT Sports Performance has become one of the midwest’s most premier athletic training facilities. For years, high school, college, and professional athletes have made EFT their off-season home. Within our business, the football program at EFT has continued to grow and excel into one of the top performance programs in the nation. With the growing success of EFT’s football training programs, owner Elias Karras developed the EFT Football Academy. By building this academy EFT has created a one stop shop for football development.

The EFT Football Academy provides athletes of all ages and levels of skills the opportunity to work with experienced EFT staff members, to gain valuable athletic advancements and crucial college exposure.  The foundations and methods that every EFT athlete trains by are adapted specifically for his position to allow him to distinguish himself as physically superior.  The coaches at the EFT Football Academy have all excelled in major Division I collegiate football programs, and have had careers in the NFL.

Join our EFT Football Academy today to start taking steps towards reaching your athletic dreams!