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Upcoming Events

EFT Football Academy hosts several events throughout the year so that our athletes can display their skills against top talent from the midwest region. These showcases are great opportunities for athlete exposure because they attract some of the top media outlets including Rivals, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, ESPN, Comcast Sports Network, Edgy Tim, and 24/7 Scout. During the showcases we will put the athletes through drills that will best display all of their strengths and help them enhance their weaknesses. Each athlete will receive a jersey so they can be easily identified by media, coaches, and scouts. EFT is connected with college coaches across the country, helping you gain the exposure you need to make it to the next level.


Senior Showcase, Dec 4th: Register Here



7v7 Tryout 1, Dec 9th: Register Here

7v7 Tryout 2, Dec 16th: Register Here



MLK Underclassman Showcase, Jan 21st: Register Here




Photo Gallery of EFT Events