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OL/DL Academy – Headed by EFT coaches Michael Buchanan and Jordan Diamond, our OL/DL Academy provides everything our athletes need to be successful in the trenches. Our approach that creates sound fundamentals as well as sports performance drills and competition that makes our athletes stronger, faster, smarter and more fundamentally sound than the opposition.


  • Pad level and leverage
  • Increase foot speed
  • Hip explosion
  • Proper spine and hip alignment


  • Stance and Starts
  • Position specific pass rush
  • Gap Control
  • Block Shedding

Quarterback Academy – Led by coach Byron Dawkins, our Quarterback Academy provides private, one-on-one Quarterback lessons and skill assessments. Healy has been training quarterbacks since 2001, and has worked with players across the country who eventually played QB at the collegiate level. Lessons include:

  • Footwork/Drops
  • Arm Strength
  • Posture
  • Proper throwing mechanics / release point
  • Game strategy/ decisions

WR/TE/RB – Our skill development program for wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs is run by EFT coach Landon Cox. All of our skill programs start with perfecting fundamentals and our WR/TE/RB skill night is no different. We start with sound fundamentals and combine it with explosive power development and sprint mechanics to produce well-rounded dominant athletes. Lessons include:

  • Releases against press coverage
  • Learn and perfect route running tree
  • Recognize defensive coverages
  • Reading blocks and explosive cuts
  • Proper footwork and pad level

DB/LB – The linebacker and defensive pack skill program is led by EFT coach Michael Buchanan. Our program for our LB/DB’s develops our athlete’s natural instincts and reaction times as well as building their explosive power to make them a dominant force on the field. Lessons include:

  • Stance and snap get off
  • Explosive hands
  • Backpedal footwork
  • Breaking of routes
  • Ball skills