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Matt Forte
“I was always a guy who’s in the gym.  I’m a gym rat.  But I came to work out with them, it was a lot different, a lot harder.  So I thought I reached a peak lifting-wise, I didn’t think there’s anything new I could learn, but they taught me a lot of new stuff.  It’s going to help me out this year.” ~Matt Forté / Chicago Bears / Pro Bowl



Devin Hester
“I like EFT because you get a great workout!  EFT has helped me work hard in getting my body right.  The staff are great people and it is always fun to be around there.” ~Devin Hester / Atlanta Falcons / Pro Bowl



“I thought that EFT was an excellent choice for me to train. Not only a great place to workout, but also great trainers. Everything was hands-on training that hit all the parts of my body that I needed to strengthen for my upcoming season. The food Elias sent us to was at the top nutrition-wise. Overall, I had a great experience training at EFT.” ~Michael Floyd / 1st Round Draft Pick / Arizona Cardinals



“Offseason training away from the team is one of the most important aspects of being a pro, and that is why I go back every year to EFT in Chicago. They helped me from the very beginning, and it is rewarding to see all my hard work put in at one place pay off. When you go there once, you  won’t need to choose any other place to train. They have it all.” ~Sergio Brown / Jacksonville Jaguars



“Eft has changed me in so many ways. It’s had transformed my body physical through the demanding workouts but has also healed my body  with it’s unique techniques. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the work of eft and Elias.”
~Darius Fleming / New England Patriots/ Super Bowl XLIX Champion



“I hadn’t worked out for a couple of weeks after the season ended, I came to EFT unannounced and thy gave me all the attention and work that I needed. I felt I was in better shape after only the first few days! EFT knows how to do it! That the place for me!”
~Ian Williams / San Francisco 49ers